Unique cat received the nickname «Cat Mona Lisa» thanks to her smile on a delicate muzzle

She smiles mysteriously and kindly, from the moment she found her master.

In fact, the cat, famous on the Internet, was originally called Rei.

This kitty does not laugh at everything, she smiles subtly, mysteriously, and kindly, from the very moment she found her master.

According to the owner of Rei, everything happened not without the intervention of certain higher powers. Not that it was predetermined, but fate was pleased to reduce a person and the animal at the right time.

After all, having gone to work in the morning, she did not even think about a new pet. However, returning home, impulsively, as if at the call, turned to the shelter.

Not everyone around us agrees that the animal smiles: this is not a person, but a cat, just wool on its muzzle fluffy! But if you look closely, you can see: no, Rei really smiles a little all the time. Just like Mona Lisa. She is just red and with a tail.

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