«This is already better for me»: Selena Gomez refused social networks and thinks about mental health

All her new posts looked as if they were created by an unfamiliar person.

The breakup of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber affected both celebrities.

And while the singer realized his mistakes and tried to fight bad habits, his ex-lover fully focused on his mental health.

Fans could not help but notice that in recent years the artist almost did not appear on social networks. And all her new posts looked as if they were created by an unfamiliar person.

The other day, Selena in an interview with Good Morning America explained that she completely abandoned social networks for almost four years.

However, now, according to the celebrity, she decided to return to this space to help others who suffered the same way she.

This is due to the fact that in 2020 the artist was diagnosed with bipolar personality disorder.

After that, Selena completely focused on treatment. But now she is quite ready to help other people suffering from mental disorders.

For this, Gomez created the Wondermind website. The c֊founder of the portal emphasized: «This will be a place for those who want to feel understood and loved. For those who want to feel cared».

The portal, according to the singer, will be completely free. They want to collect a lot of expert data that will help people in the future.

«I sincerely hope to use my popularity to help people», Gomez added.

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