It was incredible, but the man discovered a whole family of lynxes on the porch of his house

It seemed to him that the roar came from the porch.

One morning, Tim Newton woke up from a strange sound.

It seemed to him that the roar came from the porch … Of course, he decided to go there early to see what was happening.

The surprise of the man had no bounds-the family of lynxes froze cheerfully on the porch.

Tim, of course, immediately grabbed the phone and made these magic shots. Are they magical, if only because how often is it so easy to meet wild animals?

The man was struck by how calmly Lynxes in relation to him and came to an interesting conclusion that mother lynx spends 99% of her time «spying» behind his cubs. On the other hand, if they are so funny, then why not?

Most likely, they want to meet and study us, or maybe they just stopped being afraid that on the one hand, it is not bad.

Tim was very lucky that he was visited by real wild animals, and they turned out to be completely friendly.

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