A new spectacle for civilization when the owner photographed how his dog goes to the toilet

This video-black Labrador is one of these geniuses.

Dogs are much smarter than we can imagine. For example, the hero of this video-black Labrador is one of these geniuses.

Of course, in order to teach your pet, will take a lot of effort and time, but it is worth it.

The Black Labrador surpassed all expectations and delighted Internet users. What he can do is incredible! He learned to use the toilet!

After the dog has finished his affairs, it goes and presses the flushing button.

The owner of the dog secretly removed this action to demonstrate the skills of the pet. And it really deserves praise!

Now he does not need to be afraid that the dog will not wait for the moment when they go for a walk, he can always pee into the toilet.

We invite you to see how this black Labrador uses the toilet correctly and for its intended purpose! Can your pets do something like that?

It is time for other pets to take an example from a smart Labrador.

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