The Heartwarming Story of Oliver: A Cat Who Understands Love and Finds a New Home

How can one believe that animals do not understand anything at all?

A couple from New York lost her favorite cat. The family was so used to the pet that after a couple of months, mourning decided to take a new cat from the shelter.

As soon as the couple crossed the threshold of the shelter, a beautiful white cat ran out towards them and, climbing the neck of the boyfriend Stephanie, began to growl pretty.

The couple immediately liked the funny animal. Their hearts melted at the sight of how he gently hugged this person. Stephanie was able to quickly capture the memorable moment on the camera of her smartphone.

The guys decided to call their new cat Oliver. That was the name of their dead animal. Their new friend, unfortunately, had some health problems. This was warned in the shelter. But this did not stop the couple.

Oliver needed regular care. On the first day of his stay in the new house, Oliver did not leave the saviors and was afraid of everything. To relieve stress at the pet and be near, the couple especially took the weekend.

But the most interesting here is that another cat lived in the house at that time. At first, the animals did not get along, but then they really became best friends.

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