«She used to be better»: overweight Julia Roberts was noticed on the beach

Subscribers believe that Roberts gained a mass.

54-year-old actress Julia Roberts finally took a break from her non-stop schedule. Keep in mind that the paparazzi do not relax and are all the time in search of famous people.

This time they managed to catch a few fleeting moments when the leisurely Julia was walking along the shore.

Users of social networks agreed that the actress in the frames cannot be recognized. However, many people do not understand the value of the angle.

Any specific person can be captured in (photos) in such a way that not everyone who knows him instantly recognizes him.

Subscribers believe that Roberts gained a mass, regardless of the youth and harmony of the star.

They aimed at her huge stomach when they were looking for her press.

It is actually modified for the worse. She was as soon as higher, and he or she was caught all the time for the fact that he was so thin. She lost her attractiveness, why stopped taking care of herself, and her tummy was wired. You urgently need to attach a healing club. «You can tell you that it gained weight», the community users said in terms of feedback on the video of the artist.

Decisive statements shocked supporters of Julia. They stated that the actress still had a fantastic appearance. The slender figure of the actress remains obvious now. An unsuccessful video recording is to blame.

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