«His act was so great»: a kind and caring man built a cottage for a stray woman who lived near his house

Now she has a safe and figurative place for sleeping and storing things.

A man from Los Angeles named Dave Summers confirmed that he was a real humanist, having built a tiny house for a homeless girl named Iren «Smokie» McGi, which he saw sleeping near his house.

Now Iren has a safe and figurative place for sleeping, storing things, and spending free time.

Touched by how his actions influenced the life of Irene, Dave decided to raise the consciousness of homelessness, sharing the video of his work on YouTube.

The noble mission Dave was recognized as a neighboring church, which generously provided the house of her parking for these «little houses» so that they remain within one day.

The church also offers humanitarian aid in the form of food, clothes, and toilet supplies to help the homeless begin a new life.

To learn more, go to the video below.

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