«First time he performed after the diagnosis»: Bruce Willis spoke publicly after he was diagnosed

Willis seemed to take a small step back as if he had lost his support.

Bruce Willis, the legendary actor, known for his roles in «Die Onerous» and «The Sixth Sense», made his first public statement after he discovered dementia.

Information about the forecast of the disease of Alzheimer’s Willis was disclosed earlier this year, and since then it has retained a low profile. Nevertheless, on the day of his 68th anniversary, his ex-wife Demi Moore went on Instagram to celebrate the celebration of the birthday of her ex-husband.

In the video, a man Die Onerous sang a melody for his birthday. Willis seemed to be in a very good mood, when he sang together, led small discussions with opposite participants in the party, and blew candles on his festive pie.

Since the video continued, Willis seemed to stumble a little and took a little step back, as if he had lost his support.

Having made a brave attempt to extinguish several previous candles in the pie, he staggered again. Nevertheless, he joined his household in a short moment of fun.

The release of the video was enjoyed by subscribers who almost never saw Willis in this position, but a number of his devoted followers expressed concern, noticing only a small but important change. It seemed that one on each input enamel Willis was not. It seems that there is no obvious goal and no indications that the household will present evidence.

Willis’s wife, Emma Hemming, previously released a touching video about her husband this month. The actor, who has been married for almost 14 years, praises his wife, dressed casually in a white T-shirt and a black down jacket. Emma signed her post: «What is this new memory on IG!? OMG is my biggest fan. I’m in love with him».

Unfortunately, earlier this month it became known that Willis suffers from front-and-seeing dementia, an incurable and progressive situation that causes a change in the personality of speech problems. Willis Rumer informed her Instagram subscribers about this, explaining that the situation with her father, unfortunately, worsened.

Willis’s wife informed everyone about the deplorable state of her emotional and psychological state after information about the situation of her husband.

«Congratulations to Emma and their whole family for her very, very hard work and selflessness. This is really exclusively! »

The actor’s subscribers continue to support and love him in this difficult time. While information about the situation of Willis is heartbreaking.


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«Bruce always believed in the use of his voice on Earth to help others and increase awareness of important moments both publicly and in private. At heart, we all know that if he could now want to answer, drawing the attention of the whole world and contacting those who also fight this exhausting disease and how it affects so many people and their households».

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