A lonely cat was found on the street and the family did not even imagine what his abilities were

A fluffy baby behaves like a formidable large animal.

The Gert family found a small homeless cat on the street. The capture was named a nimbus. She had problems from birth, her eyes were covered with crusts from the illness, and she did not see anything.

Perhaps the period of blindness through which the cat passed so much influenced its character. A fluffy baby behaves like a formidable large animal.

The family takes care of the founding. The spouses also have two huge dogs and several adult cats. When the cat was washed and fed, it was time to get acquainted with the other inhabitants of the house.

The tiny fluffy creature behaved completely unexpectedly, the console took an awesome pose, ruffled the fur, and began to growl.

Pets of the families of Gert were simply afraid to approach her. Only the largest dog named Zeth knew how to react. He realized that the cat was simply necessary for protection and took it under his wing. A nimbus reciprocated to a new friend.

Now she is no longer afraid of the environment. But sometimes, when it seems to her that she is in danger, the cat takes frightening poses and makes evil sounds.

What good luck that Zeth is next to a nimbus! He does not allow anyone to harm his little friend.

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