«Her statement upset many people»: Al Roker’s daughter made a very heartbreaking statement

Everyone wished Al an early recovery and expressed their love for the family.

Al Roker, a well-known celebrity and host of the Today program on the NBC channel, repeatedly got to the hospital due to blood clots that spread to its lungs.

Although Al was able to return home for Thanksgiving, the next day he was taken back to the hospital by ambulance.

Leila published on Instagram a series of optimistic images with the signature «November photographic part of this month, which were really wonderful».

It is reported that Deborah, the wife of Al, followed the ambulance of her husband back to the hospital from their house in the Upper East Side. She also shared the update on Facebook along with a photograph taken from the hospital ward.

Al’s hospitalization was difficult for his family, but they remained positive and grateful for the outpouring of support from the fans.

In conclusion, the hospitalization of Al Roker was a difficult time for him and his family, but they all the time remained strong and full of hope. With the support of their loved ones and fans, Al will certainly recover and will soon return to his duties by leading at «Today Show».

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