«Finding happiness again»: Keanu Reeves Reveals Relationship with Alexander Grant

At first, the couple, as you know, hid their relationship.

Keanu Reeves, his beloved Hollywood actor, known for his modesty, surprised his fans by telling his girlfriend Alexander Grant. The couple, as you know, hid their relations since they published them in 2021 at the Lacma Art + Film gala voucher. Nevertheless, in a recent interview with People magazine, Reeves cutely spoke about his connection with Grant, leaving the fans delighted.

Reeves has been mainly lonely since his girlfriend Jennifer Smye died, died tragically as a result of an accident shortly after the birth of their stillborn daughter. However, after working together on Reeves’ book Ode to Happiness, which was published by their own company, Grant and Reeves seemed to have found happiness together.

In an interview with Reeves, they asked when the last time he was blissful was, to which he replied: «A couple of days ago with my sweet». It was a rare moment of vulnerability from the actor, who is known for his caution in his personal life.

Although Reeves and Grant were silent about their relations, they worked for years on various projects. Grant, the artist, and Reeves seem to be divided by a creative connection, which has grown into a personal one.

Fans of Reeves are undoubtedly excited, learning about his happiness with Grant. The couple looks charming together, and their creative cooperation has caused joy for many. Despite their private character, it is clear that Reeves and Grant have a deep connection that brings bliss to them.

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