«Finally he was noticed»: Jack Nicholson was seen 2 years after friends expressed concerns

For the first time, an 85-year-old man was seen and looked disheveled.

For the first time in 18 months, Jack Nicholson was seen, leaning against the balcony railing of his infamous Mulholland Drive compound in Beverly Hills.

The 85-year-old man looked disheveled, dressed in a free pale orange shirt and baggy sports pants after there were reports that the legendary actor became a hermit.

There were rumors that Nicholson was fighting dementia and could no longer recall his remarks, but the former leading News host Bill O’Reilly rejected these statements as «bull».

During the morning walk, the megastar enjoyed the fresh air and a view of the Franklin Canyon Reservoir. The last appearance of Nicholson on the screen occurred in 2010.

Despite his confirmed status as a bachelor, Nicholson was married for four years before doing it in Hollywood, and he had a famous romance with Angelica Houston, which ended almost 25 years ago.

Nicholson was criticized that never recognizing the paternity of his alleged daughter Tessa Gourin, who was born as a result of his short romance with waitress Jeanine Gourin.

Tessa, a beginning actress, recently published an essay in Newsweek called «I’m Jack Nicholson’s Daughter – I Wish People Could Call Me a Nepo Baby». Nicholson believed that his mother was his own sister, until 1974 when Time magazine revealed the truth and told him about his conclusions.

While Nicholson’s physical health is reported in good shape, an unnamed friend told Radar Online in January that «his mind has gone».

According to reports, despite these rumors, the son of Nicholson, Ray, is one of the few people with whom he maintains a connection.

The appearance of Nicholson on his balcony occurred after his friends were afraid that he might die alone, like his former closest neighbor and colleague-legend of the screen Marlon Brando.

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