A heartwarming story of a cat finding his forever home will melt your heart

Cat was transferred to the shelter with the hope that he will certainly find a family.

The hostess of the cat named Belarus forbade holding animals in the apartment. Then the woman made a difficult decision.

This cat was transferred to the shelter with the hope that here he would certainly find a good family and a warm house.

This is a particularly affectionate animal; he was in dire need of love and affection and demanded attention from everyone who came to the shelter.

Seeing the next visitor, the cat stood on his hind legs and again and again looked into their eyes with a prayer. As soon as they left, the cat curled up and froze in anticipation of the next guests.

When Rachel from San Francisco, looking through the tape of her Instagram, stumbled upon advertising for this gray cat, she immediately went to meet him.

She later admitted that she never thought about cats, but Belarus became her love at first sight.

He clung to her, and she realized that she was obliged to “adopt” this gentle creature.

The girl laughs: «He follows me everywhere: in the bedroom, to the bathroom. There is no more personal life for me! » If she takes a shower, the cat sits at the door and waits for the owner to finish the «water torture» to make sure that everything is in order with her.

Belarus meets the owner from work every day and shows all his willingness to eat, play and be slow and kissed from ears to fluffy legs.

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