«Unusual face beyond recognition»: Stallone’s 97-year-old mother regrets that she did plastic surgery

To save the young face, she had to do plastic surgery.

At his age, Jacqueline still visits the gym and beauty salon and monitors his diet. Only now, in order to preserve the young face, she had to make several anti-aging plastic surgeries. So why is she regretting it now?

In her youth, she was incredibly beautiful, and now she became a victim of plastic surgery. She had an unsuccessful plastic nose. Then an unsuccessful operation to rejuvenate the neck, then a change in the cut of the eyes, as well as an increase in the lips and tightening of the face. But the fact is that the result was not as satisfactory as the famous parent expected.

Jacqueline said she was afraid to look in the mirror. In her youth, many men looked after her, and she had an army of followers. Most likely, this was the reason that she could not come to terms with age-related changes and decided to turn to plastic surgeons.

«Poor woman», «Turned into a monkey», «She just always wanted to become young again», «Live to her age, and then make a decision», people commented.

Are you on the side of plastic surgery?

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