«The Fascinating Legacy of Charlie Chaplin»: Meet Aurelia Thierry, His Descendant, and Surrealist Theater Star

He became the father of 11 children from different women.

In addition to the fact that he was a famous actor and director, Charlie Chaplin was also known as an amazing womanizer. He became the father of 11 children from different women. Many of them continued the legacy of Chaplin, and the descendants continued.

So the famous actress and dancer changed her name to Aurelia Thierry. She is a descendant of Chaplin and Una O’Neill, the last wife of the mayor.

Victoria Chaplin and circus artist Jean-Baptiste Thierry were the parents of Aurelia. Aurelia has always been surrounded by creative people, therefore, given its origin, the choice of future profession was determined in childhood.

Currently, Thierry is extremely famous in his native France. Like the granddaughter of Chaplin and a member of his dynasty, she performs in surrealist theater. By the way, the eminent grandfather gave Aurelia in addition to acting abilities and charisma and a characteristic appearance.

Thierry, in the end, cannot be characterized as beautiful in a generally accepted sense. Genetics, therefore, «joked», giving the granddaughter of a famous comedian an extremely strange appearance.

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