Meet the Redford Family: The Incredible Story of a Couple with 21 Children!

A beautiful couple met in adolescence.

About a year ago, baby Bonnie was born, who shocked the British media. Everyone spoke about this sensational business. But what was unusual? The fact is that the baby was the 21st child in the Redford family.

A beautiful couple met in adolescence. Sue was 7 years old, and Noel was 12. They were so similar in character and fate, even in the fact that they were orphans and grew up in foster families.

Sue first gave birth at 14 years old. The couple was completely a baby, but they could not abandon their baby and raised him together. When Sue became an adult, they got married.

After 26 years of marriage, they had 21 children.

A large family lives in a 10-room house. They have a blog where they talk about their daily life and entertainment.

They very rarely go to cinemas, cafes, or other public places, as this can cost them a lot of money. But they love to spend time, walking in the parks, arranging picnics, or simply playing games in their home. Despite their so many, they are all happy that each other has, because the family is the main happiness and meaning of life in the world

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