«New wedding of stars»: 19-year-old Millie Bobby Brown, marries Jon Bongiovi’s 20-year-old son

The couple’s engagement has drawn significant attention from the media.

Millie Bobby Brown, a talented young actress, who conquered hearts, announced an engagement with Jacob Bongiovi, the son of a famous musician.

Fans of the actress were beside her joy when she shared the news on her page on the social network along with a touching black and white photo of a couple hugging on the beach.

The engagement of the couple attracted significant attention from the media which sought to learn more about their relationship.

Journalists suggested that Jacob presented a Millie wedding with a diamond, which, as reported, cost about 250 thousand pounds.

Millie and Jacob first met on social networks, where for some time they were friends before their relationship bloomed.

By January 2023, she called him her «partner for life».

Although Jacob leads his own page on the social network, he publishes much less content than Millie, preferring to behave with restraint.

Jacob’s father is a known musician, but never thought to follow in his footsteps.

He frankly talked about his faith that he could never become the same legendary artist as his father.

The news of the engagement of Millie and Jacob very pleased their fans who follow their relationship with interest.

While the media can focus on the ring with a diamond and the famous father, it is clear that the love of a couple for each other is the most important thing.

When they start this exciting new chapter of their life, fans around the world will root for them and wish them all in the world of happiness.

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