Kind grandmother was able to save the life of a wolf cub from a trap, and he thanked two years later

Grandma felt sorry for the baby, she helped him free herself from the trap.

One grandmother lived in a deaf village. The population was small, all a dozen huts. Civilization did not reach these regions, residents had to heat their homes with firewood, which they harvested in the summer.

Our hero, like all the inhabitants, went to the forest every day and brought heavy logs from there.

Once, a grandmother as usual went to the forest. Seeing the fallen dry tree, she began to break off the branches.

At that moment, the woman heard a baby’s cry. Not far she saw a wolf. Grandma felt sorry for the lion cub, she helped him free herself from the trap and continued to do her business.

The poor thing, lame, followed her. The grandmother could not leave the wounded wolf and took him with her.

At home, this woman first bandaged the sore leg of the baby and then fed him. The baby lived with her for about two months, until he completely recovered.

The woman became very attached to a small predator but realized that he should return to the wild, so she took him to where she found it.

2 years have passed since this happened. One winter, my grandmother went into the forest behind brushwood and suddenly lost consciousness there.

When a woman opened her eyes, she noticed several puppies and a dog clinging to her. The woman was frightened and screamed, the wolves at that moment moved away from the grandmother and silently went into the forest. Grandmother noticed an adult wolf. She realized that this was the wolf cub that she saved, only noticeably grown.

So the predator thanked his grandmother for her kindness.

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