«Kelly Ripa was joking»: she gave a «Vow of Chastity», preparing for Co-Host «Live» with Mark Consuelos

The pair’s jokes cause concerns with work with a romantic partner.

The novels at work can be difficult, and with recent news about the relationship of T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach, it is not surprising that Kelly Ripa takes precautions so that her upcoming joint performance with her husband Mark Consuelos remains professional.

In a recent speech on «Watch What Happens Live», Ripa lit up the situation, joining that she and her husband vowed chastity to avoid any drama with the highest leadership of ABC.

Although the pair jokes can be playful, they really cause some reasonable fears about the problems related to working with a romantic partner.

Ripa and Consuelos have been married for more than 25 years, and their upcoming joint performance on Live will undoubtedly become a new chapter in their relationship.

Although the couple is not used to working together, they starred together in numerous television shows, there is always a risk of conflicts in a professional environment.

One problem that arose in the past is the jealousy of Consuelos, to which Ripa turned during the recent appearance on SiriusXM’s Let’s Talk Off Camera.

Consuelos called for himself the «honor» to join his wife on the show, and Ripa in the past praised her husband for hospitality.

It is still unknown how their dynamics will affect the show, but one can say for sure Ripa and Consuelos will behave strictly professionally.

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