For the farmer, it was a surprise when she saw how the chicken warmed the snake under the wing

Even more amazing was that the chicken was completely calm.

A resident of Texas Sarah Ellison, resting on a family farm, checked the chicken coop and was shocked when she saw this scene. A huge snake settled around one of the chickens and seemed to feel at home.

Even more amazing was that the chicken was completely calm.

It turned out that this is not the first appearance of a snake in a chicken coop. But snakes never talked so closely with other animals.

Sarah’s parents are well aware of a wild rat snake, which plays an important role in maintaining calm in a chicken coop. She lives in a broken car near the chicken coop and from time to time appears inside to steal one chicken egg.

Instead, the snake drives out predators and potential pests that can threaten chickens and chickens. The family is already accustomed to such mutual assistance, the father of Sarah even calls the serpent «friend».

«She never tried to harm the chickens or their chickens. We are not against this snake, because it helps to scare rodents in the chicken coop», farmers say.

Following the example of a feathered, the woman decided to leave the snake at Stika, having checked again, and discovered that the snake had already crawled.

Perhaps the snake simply decided to bask the dwelling in a warm chicken. In any case, some kind of connection between the chicken and the snake seems incredible, but it turns out!

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