After the rescue of the dog which was under the snow, they discovered what she was guarding

This terrible and heroic story happened in Altai in January last year.

Early in the morning, the inhabitants of the Siberian village noticed a dog lying in the snow near one of the houses. It was almost completely covered with snow. One back was visible.

The street was 20 degrees below zero. The animal did not move, and people decided to check if it was frozen to death. It turned out not.

She was fine. But when the dog got up, people froze in surprise. Under the animal lay a living child 2-3 years old.

It turned out that two days ago the mother decided to punish her son for something. She did not come up with anything better than putting the baby out the door at night in severe frost.

Without outerwear, no adult would have survived in such a frost. It was clear that the child was doomed.

At night in Siberia, no one heard the crying of the child. No one except the dog who lived in the yard. The animal turned out to be a guardian angel.

She just approached and covered the boy with her warm fur. It is impossible to imagine, but they spent so two days. Despite the efforts of the animal, the boy still had hypothermia and fever.

But in general, doctors appreciated his condition as stable. He was immediately taken to the hospital. The main thing is that the boy survived. And all this is only thanks to the dog.

By the way, that woman was found only in four days. Where she was all these days is unknown. Most likely, she drank somewhere.

A criminal case was immediately instituted against her. Now she faces, firstly, the deprivation of parental rights, and, secondly, a prison term of up to four years. It is true that some mothers are worse than animals.

A four-legged pet had a new nickname-Hero. Local residents believe that now a sacred connection has formed between the child and the animal, which in no case should be broken.

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