A famous caring pianist decided to play classical music for wounded and blind elephants

They can be good friends for those who appreciate them.

Animals are sensitive creatures. They actually feel how we treat them. And many times, having experienced difficult times, they need to relax and recover from all physical and mental injuries.

Although they are giants and sometimes scared, they have tender hearts and patient behavior. They can be good friends for those who appreciate them.

A man named Pol Barton is a really worthy friend to them. He studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in London and, after its end, became a concert pianist. Soon he was known, but not happy.

When Barton realized that fame was not able to satisfy him, he simply stopped his performances and in 1996 Thailand visited with his wife. There, this man first saw elephants and fell in love with them.

Earlier, Barton worked with blind children, and their life changed. Now he wanted to take a good step for blind and offended elephants.

He began to play classical music for needy elephants since 2011. His game saved the lives of many elephants. A man plays works of outstanding artists, such as Beethoven, Bach, Schubert, etc.

It is wonderful that animals approach him to enjoy live music.

Barton says that in order to make friends with an elephant and in general with all animals, you need to try to play classical music!

It is so touching that some people still do not chase wealth and glory. They are just kind, and it makes them perfect!

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