100 year later, a night parrot appeared in Western Australia, previously considered extinct

For the first time in 100 years, the extracted type of parrot really exists.

In recent years, the number of extinct creatures has been growing. However, thanks to wildlife lovers, we also hear good news about the re-discovery of species that were considered extinct.

For the first time in 100 years, the extracted type of parrot really exists and was captured on a camera in a reserve in West Queensland.

Observers of birds had no idea that they were waiting for them at night. Four friends from Broom have extensive experience in finding wild birds.

During a trip to monitor birds, which lasted 9 days, they heard a bird’s sound near the salt lake, not like other sounds familiar.

As they explain, it was a new sound, but they continued to remain on alert.

In the morning, they found a night parrot with yellow-green plumage and black feathers.

Since they always have cameras with them, the group immediately began to shoot a bird. Observers of birds were delighted and very excited because they made efforts to this moment for a very long time.

These creatures are at risk of disappearance and they can rarely be found. They live only in Australia. Experts considered night parrots extinct, but now they are glad that they were noticed.

This is a great opportunity to continue to follow them and think about breeding the species.

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