Kind rabbit protected three lonely puppies and he became a dad and fed them

He adopted three puppies and became for them a real caring father.

In the Azovo Omsk Region, one touching and slightly strange story occurred. His main character was, as it was not difficult to guess, a large rabbit with a white tail, the most common in appearance, but only it seems so.

He adopted three puppies and became for them a real caring father. And that’s how it was.

This eared comrade turned out to be a very wayward beast, he escaped from his master, so much so that no one could find him. After that, he decided to live an independent free life and dug a hole near the house of Margarita Startseva.

Soon the woman noticed that the rabbit was not alone. He looked after three puppies that remained orphans after the death of his mother.

The rabbit gave them food, he looked after them all the time. And then he did not let them get out of the mink-rumbled around them like crazy and pushed them with his nose, did not let the cats. He licked them to warm them.

If not for him, they would not have survived. It was cold there, the temperature dropped to 25 ° C.

The rabbit took care of the puppies as his children: he warmed them, washed them, and protected them from cats.

Margarita stuck ads throughout the village and distributed information on the network about the search for owners for all animals.

The girls have already been taken to the families, and the owner was found to be the rabbit, but they are not yet taken so that the last puppy did not die without him.

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