«Famous actor of the 80s is unrecognizable»: photo of Mickey Rourke in dirty pants surprised all fans

Then he was very popular, although he never had canonical beauty.

Many fans remember Mickey Rourke as a motorcyclist in «Rumble Fish» or as John Gray in «Nine and a Half Weeks». Then he was very popular, although he never had canonical beauty.

Nevertheless, this did not prevent Mickey Rourke to get a crowd of fans. Girls around the world literally went crazy with the artistry, charisma, and impeccable features of the actor’s face.

The Hollywood actor did not want to say goodbye to youth, and in the early 2000s, plastic surgery appeared in his life of Rourke, which radically changed his appearance of the actor. There is practically no trace of the previous charming features, but the effects of Botox and braces are very noticeable.

Despite all this and numerous loud scandals, Mickey continued to be his favorite actor. He repeatedly became the winner of the Golden Globe and BAFTA prizes, and was also nominated for Oscar.

Now Mickey is 70 years old, but the actor continues to act in films and even engages in his favorite hobby-he is visiting the boxing club.

The actor was photographed on one of the streets of Western Hollywood, and in the picture he looked, to put it mildly, not very. Mickey was dressed in a light gray T-shirt with yellow spots of unknown origin on the shoulder and gray sports pants with brown spots on them.

Rourke hid the tousled hair under a cowboy hat of cream color, and for some reason, he put his hand into his pants.

Many noted in the comments that the actor has become untidy, practically does not follow the form, and after unsuccessful operations look even older.

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