Doghouse was arranged for a stray pregnant dog, and a week later the owner was surprised

Both of these animals gave birth to babies on the same day.

The author of this video saw a stray dog near his house. She was supposed to be tired and hungry, and on the street, it was very cold and damp. He could not take her home, so he decided to help her: he bought a dog booth for her.

He insulated his new dog house with old blankets and literally the very next day, three glorious puppies appeared in his shelter.

After 7 days, he returned to see how mom and her puppies live. When he looked inside, his surprise knew no bounds.

He noticed a homeless dog, feeding newborn cute puppies. And if this charming scene was not enough, then there was another guest, a gray stray cat who found a cozy shelter to give birth to her kittens.

Thus, both of these animals gave birth to babies on the same day. The maternity hospital spoke with the future mother, and she let in a pregnant cat.

When the man looked into the dog’s booth, he also saw a wonderful cat, feeding his four kittens.

Fortunately, they are all healthy and full of strength. The man decided to leave them to himself until he finds his family for all.

Just take a look at it:

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