Incredible shot where a huge humpback whale jumped out of the water and surprised everyone

The giant hunchbacked suddenly jumped out of the water.

If you are a man of nature, be sure that one day she can surprise you. If you like to go out into nature and be next to animals, then one day you may have the opportunity to meet with a miracle!

Like photographer Douglas Kraft, who was lucky enough to see a massive humpbacked whale from a very short distance.

He was on a boat to observe whales when a moment occurred that happens once in a lifetime!

In the area of California, they notice a lot of hunchbacked whales, but not every day to see them next to them.

The giant hunchbacked suddenly jumped out of the water. It was a completely unexpected sight for the photographer. At first, he froze, but then, overcoming the shock, he captured a priceless moment.

You can see a breathtaking look directly from your monitor. The whale shows that he is several times larger than the boat! Fortunately, Kraft had a good place to shoot these majestic scenes.

After the publication of these incredible photos on the Internet, they immediately became viral. People experienced a shock from the craft.

For those who do not know, adult hunchbacked whales weigh about 25-30 tons (28–33 short tons) and have a length of 12-16 m (39–52 feet).

I will never dare to swim in the sea on a boat to see a giant hunchback.

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