A wonderful story in which a 70-year-old man saved a moose from a deep mud hole in Ontario

His mouth was full of eyes, like his eyes and his whole face.

Recently, Maurice Valliere and Pat Greba, 70-year-old prospectors in retirement, were glorified as heroes for the salvation of a dying moose. But it was a slight story of salvation. They faced a very difficult task.

The incident occurred in the forests of Timmins, Ontario. Valliere was at home when his 82-year-old friend called him and announced that the moose was stuck in a depressed mood.

The man tried to save the moose himself, but all his efforts were in vain. Then Valliere tried to turn to the authorities for help, but no one answered his call.

Knowing that the poor animal would die soon, Maurice Valliere called his friend Pat Row to join his efforts to save the animal.

The men rushed to the place where the poor beast was stuck. He was not just stuck there but was almost buried. His mouth was full of eyes, like his eyes and his whole face.

The poor animal barely breathed. When the moose saw a man, he began to move and call for help.

Vallieres dog-white Labrador helped men in the process of salvation. He made the moose feel that they were here to help. Gradually, the animal calmed down, allowing people to save him.

It was a difficult job, but the old man coped with the difficulties. They were very happy, knowing that the poor elk would continue to live.

When the news became known on the Internet, the men said that they did nothing special. Any of them would probably do the same!

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