The unique cat behaves like a real dog and the owners tell everyone that they have two dogs

A funny cat decided that he was a dog too.

They say that the cat and the dog get along well with each other, but the heroes of our story are ready to refute this statement.

The founding of the hosts picked up, not only became a friend for a golden retriever but also decided that he was also a dog!

When Taryn and Jenna Choquette mention that they have two dogs, this is not quite true. In fact, one of the «dogs» is a cat that behaves like a dog.

He was found on a tree in Austin, Texas, and the couple decided to take the baby home. The neighbors who were sitting on a tree did not mind, but no one could have thought that the kitten would behave so unusual!

The baby was called Tukka. He was healthy and cheerful, went into the hands of the hosts, and was affectionate, but the problem remained: how will the new pet get along with the «old-timer»-dog nicknamed Brady?

As soon as the dog saw a new family member, she immediately became interested in the «brother». But the kitten was a little nervous next to a large dog, so the owners considered it appropriate to plant them in different rooms.

Soon the kitten got used to Brady, and the relationship between them was clearly warmer-pets could safely leave alone, unattended.

And then they became simply inseparable!

Well, we are very glad that the pets became close friends, proving that not only the world is possible between the cat and the dog, but also a huge emotional connection!

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