Guy chose the original way to make friends with a blind cat which was afraid of everyone

The volunteer of the shelter chose a rather unusual way to tame a cat.

The blind cat Stevie fell into a shelter. But he was used to loneliness, he was afraid of everyone and ate little.

Gradually, Stevie began to get along with other cats but was still wary of people. Until he met with volunteer Price.

The volunteer of the shelter Price McIntyre chose a rather unusual way to tame a cat. He began to read books to him. The choice of the guy fell from a series of books about Harry Potter. And this choice is not so strange.

Apparently, many people working in the shelter are fans of the young wizard, since there are many pieces of jewelry resembling the Hogwarts School of Magic from Books.

And there is an interesting initiative in the shelter: cats are distributed to the faculties of this school so that people who want to shelter the animal receive more information about the nature of the future pet.

At first, Stevie was a little interested in Price. But Price still came and read a cat for several hours. And after a couple of weeks, Stevie was already pressed against a young man, listening to the story.

Price visits the cat every day, and on Fridays even puts on the form of a student of Hufflepuff, the faculty, which was enlisted by Stevie.

Reading made an amazing impression on the cat: he became more sociable and confident. Despite blindness, he is already well-oriented in space.

And Price is only waiting for permission from the mother to pick up the cat home. It was difficult to tame it, but it was worth it!

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