«Charming girls since 1952»: these are the participants of the beauty contest Planet Miss Universe

Participants in the beauty contest are always the brightest beauties in the world.

For many years, this competition has been involved in both political and public scandals, but no matter what happens, Miss Universe does not lose its relevance, and its participants are always the brightest beauties of the world.

1952: Armi Kuusela, 17, Finland

The girl kept her stage promise and really became the ambassador of goodwill, devoting her life to helping those in need. At the moment, Army is 87 years old, is married, and is the mother of five children.

1958: Luz Marina Suluaga, 18, Colombia

1959: Akiko Kojima, 22, Japan

Asian victory became a world sensation, because before that only Europeans and one Latin American won the competition.

1964: Corinna Tsopei, 24, Greece

Later she was a member of the jury at various beauty contests. She also tried herself as an actress and starred in several films. In addition, Corinna is still the chairman of the children’s organization for the treatment of leukemia.

1977: Janelle Commission, 24, of Trinidad and Tobago

1987: Cecilia Bolocco, 22, Chile

1997: Brooke Lee, 26, USA.

1999: Mpule Kwelagobe, 19, Botswana

2015: Pia Wurtzbach, 26, Philippines

2019: Zozibini Tunzi, 26, South Africa

2020: Andrea Meza, 26, Mexico!


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