Cat did not want to go down, but the owner came up with a way to bring her home

To peacefully return the cat to the house, the owner decided to play with her game.

Charlie’s cat came to Ulysses Tiffrey’s house when she was a kitten. She was always very mischievous and playful and delivered a lot of trouble to her owners, even being an adult.

Ulysses shows that Charlie will never miss the opportunity to steal something from the table. Not because it is stupid, on the contrary, the cat perfectly understands that this cannot be done, but the one who does not risk does not eat cat mint!

Therefore, it is worth turning away, and there is no food on the table.

Once the cat noticed that the window in the bathroom goes straight to the roof.

And now, as soon as someone takes a shower and opens a window to let off steam, Charlie jumps out there to play.

The owner did not like this idea, because getting an unauthorized cat from the roof is a real problem. She growls and resists, and then in revenge can also jump to her feet and scratch. But once the owner came up with the idea of how to do it peacefully.

To peacefully return the cat to the house, Ulysses decided to play with her in one game. Hide and hide and core!

It became a tradition: as soon as she needs to return the cat to the house, the owner calls it and hides. And Charlie understands that the game has begun, and they cannot resist.

As the saying goes, «You cannot change the situation, my attitude towards it». Ulysses cannot prevent the cat from climbing the roof. But now he can easily take her home without scratches and subsequent cat revenge.

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