When the Jazz band performing was turned on, the police horse immediately began to dance

This story isn’t about a pet but a police horse that took the attention of people.

This happened during the service. We hope that police officers also enjoyed the energetic dance of their comrade before declaring him.

During duty in New Orleans, a police horse and his officer stumbled upon a jazz orchestra that performed music. The music was so clockwork, and the dancing people were so happy that the horse began to dance herself.

His dance movements were like the of passers-by, and soon the street was filled with people who surrounded the steep horse.

This is an amazing and good example of an animal that showed that sometimes we need to relax from our responsibilities and work.

The officer, in turn, was a faithful person and did not interrupt the performance, but gave the animal to have fun!

After watching this exceptional scene with a dancing police horse, many people got positive emotions and shared their opinions, writing that only in New Orleans you can see a dancing horse to pleasant jazz music.

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