Dog walked on the golf field and what he did during walk the X-ray showed

It turns out he is happy to eat golf balls forgotten on the field.

Neil Taylor, the owner of Alfie, allowed the dog to run around the golf field near his house. He was simply empty because of the pandemic, so he became an ideal place for a brisk dog.

It turned out that the Alfie not only frolics but also pleasure eats golf balls forgotten on the field, which its owner did not suspect!

The consequences of golf balls did not appear immediately. Alfie first quietly fell silent, then even fainted, and after that, he was completely torn with four balls.

The owner was horrified when he saw that all this time was in Alfie’s stomach! Breathing about the health of his pet, Neil rather took him to the veterinarian.

Golf balls turned out to be sugar bones for Alpha, and therefore during the walk, he managed to eat as many as 26 pieces!

Of course, the dog urgently needed an operation! Surgeons managed to extract absolutely all the balls.

Golf balls weigh only 46 grams, but given their quantity, Alfie transported more than a kilogram of this equipment with him!

Now Alfie feels great, although for some time he will have to walk in a muzzle to unlearn extraneous objects from the floor. But for sure, it is clear that with such a master he will definitely not disappear!

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