«She is both blonde and brown-haired»: this unique girl has two colors of hair from birth

Most of her hair is brown, but at slightest a quarter of her hair is straw-blond.

Bella Hill, living in the English city of Lincoln, is interesting in that no cosmetologist can choose what color her hair is. Most of her hair is chestnut, but at least a quarter of her hair is light salt. Get to know the special young Bella Hill.

When she was born, her mother and grandmother found out for a long time and argued about the hair color of a newborn girl.

A photograph of a child when she was still a newborn child, a quarter of her head, is provided with a «mole on the opposite».

Researchers clarify that Poliosis influenced part of Bella’s skin. From the Greek word «pilios», which means «gray». Melanin can be a substance that gives color to the hair. People with pollinosis have a reduced level or complete absence of melanin in the roots of affected hair. Hair developing in an infected area does not have pigmentation and is bleached.

When Bella puts on a girl’s dress, she becomes a blonde. And when she dresses more energetically, for a cover, pants, and a hoodie, she turns into a brown-haired woman. Comrades envy her because they cannot do without paint.

But interestingly, Bella really has eyelashes of different colors in front of his eyes: brown in one eye, light in the other!

The girl’s mother jokes that when she was pregnant with Bella, she worked as a cosmetologist, and also fiddled with clarification of her hair, as a result of which her daughter’s hair became like that. In fact, Bella’s appearance is special. The hair of some people has several strands of different colors, but having so many is a truly gigantic unevenness.

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