Lonely dog wanted to steal a toy unicorn from the store several times and the dream finally came true

They caught a homeless dog, constantly trying to steal a toy from the store.

Criminals are found not only among people, then, but animals can also try to break the law. So, in the United States, a wandering dog was caught several times at the site of the offense.

He constantly went to the same store and all the time tried to steal a plush purple unicorn there.

The animal control service in North Carolina caught the thief. The store employees complained about the dog, who had already tried to get into the store 5 times.

In the store, the dog tried to take a unicorn with him.

Once, employees managed to catch a dog, and then they called an animal control service. An employee who came to deal with the dog so much liked the thief that she bought him the same toy.

The woman could not resist the dog and his story.

Later, the dog, along with the unicorn, was sent to the shelter, but there they did not stay for a long time. In the shelter, the dog was called Sis. Soon Sis and his unicorn found the house.

So the life of a fluffy thief turned 180 degrees-he received not only a cherished toy but also a new family!

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