During a fire, a homeless man rushed to the shelter, saved them, and became a hero

It was accidentally near, and he without hesitation rushed to the aid of the animals.

Keith Walker himself is now experiencing difficult times and lives on the street, and therefore he knows how important it is to help those who were in trouble.

On December 18, a fire broke out in a local shelter in which there was no staff. Keith Walker, who accidentally turned out to be nearby, without hesitation rushed to the aid of the animals.

He managed to save all the inhabitants of the shelter, among which there were 6 dogs and 10 cats. Keith Walker has a favorite pet named Bravo, so he could not pass by the shelter under fire.

The man saved 6 dogs and 10 cats. The staff thanked Kate Walker and everyone who did not stand aside.

According to the director of the shelter, although the fire did not destroy the shelter completely, left it hopeless for living.

What a blessing, before moving to a new place, the shelter remained for only a week. So now all his inhabitants will live in a new and safe place.

Employees of the shelter gradually equip a new house for pets.

Volunteers also do not stand aside and help employees of the shelter. The main thing is that all the inhabitants of the shelter are now safe thanks to the efforts of a good person.

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