«Suddenly she heard her name from a loudspeaker»: a 77-year-old cleaning lady who never had a birthday

This inconspicuous old woman kept keeping a very sad secret from everyone.

Francis Bazzard performed the usual duties of a regular cleaner.

She always polished the furniture to shine. All employees and students fell in love with this wonderful woman for her incredibly hard work and perseverance, turning the school into one of the cleanest places in the city.

But it turned out that this inconspicuous old woman kept keeping a very sad secret from everyone.

Once the director called Francis to a school dining room. The woman must have been puzzled when the loudspeaker announced the need.

What she met when she entered the dining room was far beyond the borders of her most daring fantasies.

All employees and students decided to arrange a real holiday for her. This was the very first birthday in her life!

At the door, she was met with a loud song «Happy Birthday», after which a cart full of gingerbread and chocolate cupcakes, as well as a lot of lemonade, was rolled out of the kitchen.

Francis gave a sparkling tiara, and put on her head. In addition, the students hung a memorable tape before the woman before she was brought to a chair in the very center of the room. She was a real party star.

The curtains on one side of the room opened, opening a large screen. He included a slide show that includes a documentary about the history of Francis.

Many photographs capture important historical events of its long and rich life. She was a very energetic young lady during her heyday.

But why didn’t the woman celebrate her birthday?

It turns out that her parents could never afford to arrange a real birthday for the girl. They almost never had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas.

Francis was delighted with such a wonderful gesture from the school. It was a well-thought-out award from the director, employees, and students for the efforts of the cleaner.

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