«Jennifer Lopez’s super outfit»: on the award, she put on a swimsuit with a transparent miniskirt

She is a big fan of deep styles, as well as reducing emissions.

At the presentation of the Pop Music Awards, J Lo wears a protective swimsuit with a transparent mini.

She won the «BIOS» trophy at the CCM awards on Monday, flaunting her amazing body in a sultry, bright green outfit.

When you are here, it is simple to be green!

The already middle-aged artist was impressed by a daring almond-shaped swimsuit and a transparent skirt with one long sleeve hiding her left hand, at the MTV award ceremony on Monday. How she won the «hot» trophy, the star of Hustlers flaunted a look, and that she was clearly beside herself with joy!

«Its influence on modern media, endurance, and constant importance as a tour and presence on the radio with passionate fans around the world», the award says. J Lo has always been the most beautiful guest in her 2006 song «Get Up».

She is a big fan of deep styles, as well as reducing emissions!

When starting the Versace scheme, the singer remembered her famous Gucci dress with a deep neckline to the navel, which she put on at the 2000 musical awards ceremony. When she fits into the desert, a stream of dress, like a glove, and put her things on a catwalk at an event, an amazing girl showed that she was an ardent mother in incredible shape.

Clothing attracted great attention at first acquaintance because it exposed so much skin, and it did not disappoint in 2019!

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