In Greece, during a vacation, the girl saw a cute lonely kitten and immediately fell in love with him

When the cat ran to her, this was the beginning of a big and strong friendship.

Lydia Ellery from the UK has been dreaming of a vacation for a year. She already imagined a walk around the island of Zakynthos, which is located in Greece.

Everything was to go perfectly. The trip promised a cool vacation and a great tan.

At first, it was like that. Lydia walked along the beach, went to the café, and examined new places.

The girl was upset at the sight of stitched, like pets, who tried to find a crust of bread in the garbage bucket.

The tourist could not help all the cats, Lydia began to feed one kitten.

The girl’s act did not go unnoticed, and an unfamiliar woman soon approached her. She told Lydia that she recently took care of a small kitten, but her vacation here is coming to an end.

The woman was worried about how the further fate of the crumbs would turn out. She asked Lidia to feed the baby and indicated the place where the kitten lives.

Of course, the girl could not take the kitten to the hotel, but she began to feed the baby twice a day.

The kitten turned out to be a girl, so Lydia gave her the nickname Aggie in honor of Agatha Christie.

Soon he came to an end and vacation of Lydia. Lydia firmly decided to take the baby with her to the UK, but it turned out that it was necessary to collect a bunch of documents.

Returning to the UK, Lydia could not stop thinking about Aggie. And even knowing that everything is fine with the cat, she could not calm down.

The kitten reached the UK by sea on the ship.

Now all the difficulties are behind! Aggie has been living with Lidia for almost a year, and there is no happier cat.

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