In a wonderful story, mom leopard teaches her babies how to cross the road correctly

A caring leopard tried to move her babies.

It is hard to believe that there are people who love traffic jams. But when it comes to traffic on Safari in South Africa, it’s hard to believe it. At least it’s enough to see and take a picture enough!

Why not, this is a good opportunity for both local residents and tourists to see wild creatures on the road and admire them.

The 64-year-old man captured the moment in the traffic jam in front of his car.

Everyone thought that they witnessed the lion’s pride, but, in the end, the man’s daughter noticed that it was a leopard who was trying to move her cubs.

Mom-Leopard helped her 2 young babies cross the street when they were scared and refused to move on. Of course, all the cars stopped until the Leopard family moved on.

Soon, passers-by noticed how a leopard mother persuades the cubs to go forward. The babies finally were able to trust their mother and crossed the street. It turned out that one of the cubs is very tired to cross the road, but he gladly accepted the help of his mother!

See the cutest scene of the crossing of the road here:

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