«Shaq O’Neal’s act surprised everyone»: he gave to a large family a new van and truck as a sign of generosity

He is known thanks to his good deeds.

As one of the richest athletes, the 49-year-old Shaq not only spends money on himself and his family but also shares his blessings with others. In fact, he is known for his charity and countless times became viral due to his good deeds.

In the last manifestation of the generosity of Shaq, a Texas family of 11 people, known on Instagram as «The Collins Kids» participated.

«It was so fun to just hang out and have dinner with him», wrote 36-year-old Karissa on Instagram and Facebook.

But Shaq did not want it to end with a simple dinner. The next day, he took his family to the Mercedes-Benz car dealership and gave them a new 15-seater van!

«He did not even know that we have grown out our 12-seater van, and the air conditioner did not always work at full power, so this is such an outrageous blessing», said Karissa, who has another child on the way.

And having learned that on that day their waitress broke, the legend of basketball gave the waiter a colossal amount of $ 1,000.

The 38-year-old Mandrae had a truck that worked for some time without air conditioning and heating. Shaq did not know about this, but when he saw the car, he decided to take his family to the Ford dealer center and bought a new truck for his father!

In addition to food and generous gifts, Shaq had intangible gifts for the family.

In a message dated January 12, Karissa shared the story of how Shaq met them.

«A few months ago, he contacted me on Instagram and sent my children a video about how he loves to look at them and call him Uncle Shaq», she wrote.

Shaq said that he wanted to somehow visit them, and Karissa agreed.

Shaq was in the city on the birthday of Karissa, so the star came to see them. She described this experience, which happens once in a lifetime as a «surreal» one.

«He came and played with the children in «Watch ya mouth», loved them, encouraged, entertained, photographed with them, gave them gifts, encouraged us as parents, and simply showed so much love for us», recalls Karissa.

Shaq’s efforts on returning to the community are really inspired by the community, and we must all imitate them in our own way!

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