«Cher without makeup surprised everyone»: during the vacation, the 75-year-old star was captured

There was an outfit on her, which she put on top of a bright orange t-shirt.

The recently famous singer Cher went on a well-deserved vacation, but the paparazzi managed to take pictures of the superstar while she was absent.

However, network users did not immediately recognize celebrities in these pictures. Since Cher plunged into the water, the truth is that there was no makeup on it. It is not clear why the audience asks her such questions because she does not have to lie on the beach in a front dress and an evening dress.

Cher held a small board and swam in the surf. The artist had an unusual outfit, which she put on top of a bright orange t-shirt.

The regrettable majority of network users agreed that Cher had grown up much. Fans also noted that their idol of Cher in life looks completely different and practically unrecognizable without makeup.

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