«This is what he looks like now with a unique appearance»: a boy with the longest eyelashes in the world

The boy was really completely healthy and did not stand out among his peers.

Little Tajik grew her eyelashes 6 cm long and hit the Guinness Book of Records. Before an adult record, he lacks a little less than a centimeter

Muin Bachonaev surprised his parents immediately after birth. The eyelashes of the newborn baby were long.

When the child was 3 years old, they reached 4 cm and literally «lay down» on the eyebrows and cheeks.

This is a congenital disease, which is characterized by a very thick line of hair growth, fused eyebrows, and long curved eyelashes. In addition, the disease is accompanied by mental retardation and problems of physical development.

Thanks to his feature, the boy became a real celebrity. It has already been listed in the Book of Records of Russia as an absolute owner of the longest eyelashes in the country.

Muin’s parents are sure that as soon as the boy reaches adulthood, he will be able to break the world record. Now the child is 14 years old, and his eyelashes have already grown to 6 cm. Despite the fact that this is an atypical decoration for a man, Muin is proud of his appearance.

By the way, Ukraine also has its own record holder for long eyelashes. This is Valery Smagliy from Kyiv, who managed to «grow» a decoration 3 cm long. But he will complain about the eyelashes, that they interfere with watching and strongly strain the eyelids.

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