The witty lonely dog brings different things to the volunteer to get food first

If it is interesting where she carries all this, you need to follow the beautiful dog.

Imagine that the sweetest dog with clear eyes is coming toward you. She steps carefully and smiles a little.

Today it can be a tree branch, tomorrow it can be a spine or sheet of paper, the day after tomorrow it can be a clothespin or any other thing that a dog can find on the roads of a large city.

If you are interested in where she carries all this, let’s follow Tua Plu.

Here she passes many houses and goes straight to the inconspicuous building. Many dogs have already gathered here, very different, but united by one impulse, «We are very hungry! »

Tua approaches a woman and puts a gift on her knees. At this moment, you can swear that the dog shyly lowering his eyes, as if embarrassed by his touching act!

She carefully hides the «gift» from her fluffy friend and feeds the old dog behind him.

Very soon, this girl, nicknamed Oravan, will write a post on Facebook, where she will tell how a very smart dog Tua Plu «bribes» her with gifts every day. It was such a puppy gratitude that led to the fact that now Oravan is first fed Tua and her mother!

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