Chihuahua was put on a diet and when she lost weight immediately found a caring house

Shelter workers were not afraid and began to fight for life and health.

Rosemary was a fat Chihuahua. Her weight was 4 times greater than that of any ordinary chihuahua.

But the workers of the shelter were not afraid and began to fight for the life and health of this well-fed baby so that in the end she gained a truly loving house.

However, the shelter employees decided that this is not the way that they would like to deal with this painfully fat chihuahua, which is only 3 years old.

Fortunately, the shelter employees were determined to cure Rosemary and find her house: «From tomorrow, this girl would sit on a strict diet and will play sports to return to shape and health!»

But the shelter employees decided that this was not an option, and put Rosemary on a diet, then to find her a new house.

Dogs with such excessive weight are a typical sight. Obesity harms their hearts, light, and other vital organs, so regular overfeeding reduces life expectancy.

The dog lost 5 kg and, in the end, it managed to sterilize, since it no longer suffered from pathological obesity.

She became more cheerful and playful, thanks to successful weight loss. And after a long journey, Rosemary eventually adopted a loving family. This is a happy end to a fascinating story!

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