The dog could not even move, but the veterinarians cured him and now he has changed a lot

The dog just grew by leaps and bounds- not in height, in breadth.

The owners of this Chihuahua, 29-year-old Laura Norton, and 23-year-old Austin Lee did not attach importance to what their dog Klaus does.

The dog simply grew not in height but in breadth. Moreover, the nimble Klatus did not lose time: at the first opportunity he ate the scraps and for the same purpose fell in love with looking into the garbage bucket.

It got to the point that the little Chihuahua began to weigh more than 15 kilograms, and the owners took him for a walk in a stroller.

The specialist assessed the health status of the animal and took the necessary tests to evaluate the problem in fact.

It turns out that Klatus is actually sick, not lazy. The tests showed a lack of thyroid hormones, which is why the dog had a wild appetite and lethargy.

The veterinarian prescribed the dog medicine, as well as a diet and physical activity. And this quickly gave the desired result: 12-year-old Klatus became more active, as if life had been instilled in it!

This is how Chihuahua looks now, like Chihuahua, and not like a ball on the legs. And his friend, Labrador named Cooper, finally appeared as a partner!

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