«No one believes that she is 51»: she is unrealistically young, and is taken for a 20-year-old girl

She is frequently misidentified as a twenty-year-old girl.

An amazing 51-year-old mother considers herself her 20-year-old daughter.

Although it is difficult to imagine whether Lee Soo Jin is 51 years old.

While she looks young, this woman managed to make a successful career in dentistry, give birth to a daughter and raise her.

She is often mistaken for a twenty-year-old woman, and young guys are intrigued by her request to meet her.

Korean media began to pay attention to Lee Jin when she was only 48 years old, often inviting her to act in numerous television programs.

She said that when her daughter went to high school and they lost in touch for a while, she first turned to social networks to talk and get acquainted with new people.

Currently, Korea has more than 129,000 subscribers. He restored the relationship with his daughter. Their joint pictures are often published on his page.

Even with those who think that plastic surgery retains a beautiful appearance Lee, Lee also has amazing followers.

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