Finally, after 2 years of separation, this woman reunited with her dog whom she lost

Fortunately, this woman found her dog and this story had a happy ending.

Kameroun and her dog reunited after 2 long years. Fortunately, this is a story with a happy ending.

Kameron met Semper Fidelis many years ago when Husky was still a puppy. She decided to get a companion and take care of him at a time when she fought for her life due to a terrible form of cancer.

However, in 2016, a terrible thing happened when Kameroun went to California because of her illness. She had to leave Semper with her neighbors around the room. Soon after she left, Kameroun reported that her dog had disappeared.

The woman turned to friends and relatives for help, but in the end, she decided to hire the investigator.

«I was looking for Semper without a break during the year. On April 11, 2016, someone added her name to Semper chip».

Most importantly, in the end, Kameroun found out that it was her former room neighbor, the person who sold Semper.

«Now that I found him, I look at my pet as a continuation of myself and my soul», says Kameroun. «I am happy that I can hug him again and again!»

Look at the exciting unity below!

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