«It’s really put up for sale»: the chewing gum used by Robert Downey Jr. is listed on eBay for auction

The actor’s used chewing gum was put up for auction.

If you have extra money, and you have long been a fan of an iron person, then immediately throw everything and enter into a struggle for a valuable little thing.

Jokes aside, the seller of the chewing gum of Downey is really convinced that more than one collector will compete for an object that has visited the mouth of a Hollywood star.

The actor used to auction for 40 thousand dollars used.

According to the New York Post, a person who was lucky enough to find such a treasure put him for sale on eBay.

The seller promises to send chewing gum to the future owner in a plastic container. He assures the doubters of the authenticity of the find that, if necessary, everything will confirm the test for the presence of the actor’s DNA.

In this case, the return of the goods, of course, will be impossible.

According to the seller (and there is confirmation of this), Robert Downey Jr. glued the used chewing gum to the star of his friend Jon Favreau on the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.

Its owner admitted that he simply accidentally ended up at that moment nearby and did not disdain to pick him up, having an undoubted entrepreneurial vein.

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